About Us

About Company

Contactcure facilitates quality and affordable medical treatment of international patients in India. We provide a comprehensive website platform, a one stop solution, for patients & their family/friends to research about the treatment procedures, their estimates, best hospitals & best doctors in India. The website users can enquire about treatment, manage their profile & medical records, book online video/audio appointments with doctors, compare & choose from multiple treatment quotes, manage services they require from us, manage post treatment remote appointments and refer & earn. We provide –

  • Estimate for more than 1000 treatments and procedures in India
  • Cashback offer up to $500 and free health check-up for the attendant up to $100
  • We have representatives in more than 15 countries who will guide you and be in touch all along your cure journey
  • Complete transparency with hospital & doctor discussions and protection of your data
  • Login account for users where you can upload medical records, access & compare hospital quotes, doctor consultations and more

Our Mission

To make available quality and affordable medical treatment for all across the globe.

Our Vision

To bridge the information gap between international patients and India healthcare with a technology driven platform to allow users the freedom and absolute transparency in researching and choosing the best for themselves and become industry leading brand for medical tourism in India and across the world.

About Founder

An MBA from Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (Top ranked B-School in India), Abhishek Shakya founded the company with a vision to make available, quality and affordable healthcare in India, to all outside the country with a technology driven platform to alleviate all the issues of people seeking treatment in India.

An individual with expertize in Business Development, Business Analysis, Strategic Planning, Project Management and business finance, he has worked across Africa, Middle East and Asia across multiple sectors.

Our Services

We are side by side the patient right from the first contact through website or phone until the patient reaches back to his country after treatment and post treatment follow ups. Our services include-

  • Detailed evaluation of patients’ case from multiple specialist Doctors;
  • Providing quotes from multiple hospitals & help select best possible doctor/hospital;
  • Medical Visa & Flight ticket Assistance, Priority admission to hospital & appointment with chosen doctor;
  • 24/7 Local Assistance in India with services like daily follow ups, local SIM, currency exchange, language Interpreter, accommodation and Local travel & food;
  • Assistance in resolving issues with the hospital bill in case of issues;
  • Post-treatment rehab/ physiotherapy;
  • Assistance in domestic sightseeing and planning and
  • Post treatment follow-ups with doctor.


With you at each step of your cure journey

Free consultation with our panel doctor
Detailed evaluation of patients case from multiple specialist Doctors
Providing quotes from multiple hospitals & help select best possible doctor/hospital
Medical Visa & Flight ticket Assistance Airport assistance & pickup and drop
Priority admission to hospital & appointment with chosen doctor
24/7 Local Assistance
Local SIM
Foreign Exchange
Language Interpreter
Accommodation, Local travel & food
Daily Follow-up
Assistance in resolving issues with the hospital bill
Post-treatment rehab/ physiotherapy
Assistance in domestic sightseeing and planning
Post treatment follow-ups with doctor

Why Choose ContactCURE?

Our Key Differentiators

Contactcure is a one stop solution for all your medical treatment needs. We will be with you at each and every step of your cure journey which you can manage on the tips of your finger with our online platform so that you can focus on getting cured and leave the rest to us.

We provide curated list of only the best accredited hospitals & doctors across 6 major locations in India that includes more than 10 cities in the country. We strive to provide patients across the globe with the best India has to offer.

Contactcure will act as your advocate in a country away from home. We will there with you at each step of the way to avoid malpractice that you may encounter during your stay.

At contactcure, we have a strict policy of maintaining the utmost transparency about the medical treatment you are offered and all the services you want to avail from us. Privacy of all your related personal data or medical records is what we live by.

We at contactcure strive to provide you all available treatment options and quotes tailor made to your budget and as per your preference of hospital and doctor. We never try to convince patient for a quote he/she is not comfortable with.

If you take treatment option in India through us, we provide you with a cashback offer of upto $500 and upto $100 worth health checkup for your attendee depending on your treatment type. You can also help others by referring others to us and earn in the process.