Cochlear Implant Surgery in India – What to expect?

What is Cochlear Implant Surgery ?

This is a fairly routine type of surgery for physicians who are trained in ear surgery (Otology, Neurotology, and Skull Base Surgery). It takes about 1.5 hours and involves making an incision behind the ear. The mastoid bone behind the ear is drilled to get to the inner ear and the electrode is placed.

The incision is then closed and a dressing applied. Often the patient is kept in the hospital one night for observation, but in other cases the patient can be discharged home the same day as surgery. It is not particularly painful, and patients can resume their normal activities within 2-3 days typically. Because the implant is put into the inner ear, the balance canal function can be altered.

Adult patients are often dizzy after surgery for a week or two, although this can last for a longer time period occasionally. The implant is not turned on until the incision has fully healed, about 4 weeks after surgery.

What technologies are used in a cochlear implant?

A cochlear implant is made up of two parts. The external device consists of a microphone behind the ear that hears the sounds in the environment.

These sounds are then digitized and processed by a small computer called a speech processor. Small speech processing units can be hidden behind the ear while larger ones have to be worn on your belt. Of course, the bigger the processor, the more capability it has to select speech signals out of the environment, ultimately improving hearing.

However, computer technology is continuing to improve so that behind-the-ear speech processors now provide quite good results. The signals from the speech processor are sent to the implanted part of the device though the skin using a magnet.

The implanted part is an electronic device that is put under the skin behind the ear. An electrode connected to the device is inserted into the inner ear. The electrode is simply a bundle of tiny wires that have open contacts spread out along the length of the cochlea. Thus, the electrical signals can be sent to different areas of the cochlea and represent different frequency sounds.

State-of-the art cochlear implant devices now have from 12 to 22 electrodes that stimulate the auditory nerve. These multi-channel implants have the advantage of stimulating many different nerve fibers selectively, thereby transmitting more detailed information to the brain. The more information that reaches the brain, the greater the patient’s ability to understand what is happening in his/her environment.

Why to have the procedure in India ?

India is known to be the best place for orthopaedic surgeries. All the top multi-specialty hospitals in India have the capability to perform this procedure. The success rate of the procedure is around 90%. Secondly, this procedure in India costs about 10-20% of the cost in a developed economy.

What is the cost of the procedure in India and how long is the stay ?

Cochlear Implant costs about $17,500 in top hospitals in India and starts at around $16,000 in other good hospitals in India. Depending on condition, patient spends around 4 days in the hospital and approximately 9-11 days outside hospital in India for healing and getting ready to fly back to their country.

The overall stay in India would be around 13-15 days. The overall estimate for the stay with treatment, accommodation, food etc can be found here.

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