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Whipples Surgery cost at top hospitals in India typically starts from USD 7,500. The cost of any treatment depends on factors like hospital type, room type in the hospital, pre surgery tests cost, technique used, type of implants used if required etc. In India, there are many good hospitals where you can expect even 10%-15% lower quotes than above mentioned cost. Enquire with us to get free exact quotes from multiple hospitals and as per your budget.
Days at Hospital 9-10
Stay outside Hospital 14-16
Total Days in India 23-26

Whipples Surgery Cost in top hospitals in India starts from


(AFN 585,000)

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starts from


(AFN 705,900)


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Whipple procedure


Whipple procedure

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A Whipple procedure — also known as a pancreaticoduodenectomy — is a complex operation to remove the head of the pancreas, the first part of the small intestine (duodenum), the gallbladder and the bile duct.

The Whipple procedure is used to treat tumors and other disorders of the pancreas, intestine and bile duct. It is the most often used surgery to treat pancreatic cancer that's confined to the head of the pancreas. After performing the Whipple procedure, your surgeon reconnects the remaining organs to allow you to digest food normally after surgery.

The Whipple procedure is a difficult and demanding operation and can have serious risks. However, this surgery is often lifesaving, particularly for people with cancer.


Related procedures

Depending on your situation, your doctor may talk with you about other pancreatic operations. Seek a second opinion from a specialized surgeon if needed. Options include:


·       Surgery for tumors or disorders in the body and tail of the pancreas. Surgery to remove the left side (body and tail) of the pancreas is called a distal pancreatectomy. With this procedure, your surgeon may also need to remove your spleen.

·       Surgery to remove the entire pancreas. This is called total pancreatectomy. You can live relatively normally without a pancreas but will need lifelong insulin and enzyme replacement.

·       Surgery for tumors affecting nearby blood vessels. Many people are not considered eligible for the Whipple procedure or other pancreatic surgeries if their tumors involve nearby blood vessels. At a very few medical centers in the United States, highly specialized and experienced surgeons will safely perform these operations in select patients. The procedures involve also removing and reconstructing parts of blood vessels.


Why it's done

A Whipple procedure may be a treatment option for people whose pancreas, duodenum or bile duct is affected by cancer or other disorder. The pancreas is a vital organ that lies in the upper abdomen, behind your stomach. It works closely with the liver and ducts that carry bile. The pancreas releases (secretes) enzymes that help you digest food, especially fats and protein. The pancreas also secretes hormones that help manage your blood sugar.

Your doctor may recommend you have a Whipple procedure to treat:

·       Pancreatic cancer

·       Pancreatic cysts

·       Pancreatic tumors

·       Pancreatitis

·       Ampullary cancer

·       Bile duct cancer

·       Neuroendocrine tumors

·       Small bowel cancer

·       Trauma to the pancreas or small intestine

·       Other tumors or disorders involving the pancreas, duodenum or bile ducts

The goal of doing a Whipple procedure for cancer is to remove the tumor and prevent it from growing and spreading to other organs. This is the only treatment that can lead to prolonged survival and cure for most of these tumors.

Info Source: WebMD

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