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CRT- P Pacemaker cost at top hospitals in India typically starts from USD 9,500. The cost of any treatment depends on factors like hospital type, room type in the hospital, pre surgery tests cost, technique used, type of implants used if required etc. In India, there are many good hospitals where you can expect even 10%-15% lower quotes than above mentioned cost. Enquire with us to get free exact quotes from multiple hospitals and as per your budget.
Days at Hospital 3
Stay outside Hospital 7-9
Total Days in India 10-12

CRT- P Pacemaker Cost in top hospitals in India starts from


(AFN 741,000)

Overall medical travel estimate
starts from


(AFN 850,200)


Resident Country

Number of attendants

Flight Type

Accommodation Type

Food & Local Travel Type


CRT is a clinically proven treatment option for some individuals with heart failure. A CRT device sends small electrical impulses to both lower chambers of the heart to help them beat together in a more synchronized pattern. This may improve the heart’s ability to pump blood and oxygen to your body.

A CRT system is made up of two parts.

·       The heart device, which is actually a tiny computer, plus a battery, contained in a small titanium metal case that is about the size of a pocket watch.

·       Insulated wires, called leads, that are implanted to carry information signals from your heart to the heart device and to carry electrical impulses to your heart

After the device system is implanted, an external computer, called a programmer, located at your doctor's office or clinic can be used to program the heart device and retrieve information from your heart device that will assist your doctor in your heart failure treatment. Your doctor will schedule periodic monitoring which may be done remotely if physician deems appropriate.



There are two types of CRT Devices. Depending on your heart failure condition, a Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy Pacemaker (CRT-P) or a Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy Defibrillator (CRT-D) may be indicated.

Info Source : Medtronic

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